A line designed for ladies who value elegance and premium quality. It includes exceptional products that emphasize the beauty of female legs. Starting with 8 DEN tights, delicate as a mist, ending with lace trim stockings.

NEW! Patterned tights.

NEW! Patterned tights.

NEW! Patterned tights.

Thin microfibre tights. Perfect for natural look in all seasons.

Powder matting tights. Ideally cover imperfections and give the impression of naturalness.

Tights with lace panty portion. Seemingly classic but with a closer look extremely sexy.

Tights with embroidered stitching

Elegant pantyhose with embroidered stitching, semi-glossy, without panty or toe reinforcement. Available in two colours.

Stockings - 15 DEN

A line of elegant stockings, available in 11 colours, braided with elegant lace, without visible reinforcement around the toes.

Tights 20 DEN

A year-round line of tights. Available in 6 colour schemes.

Tights 8 DEN

The tights pantiless, without visible stitching around the toes, with gusset and flat stitching. Available in 5 colour schemes.