This line comprises various denier traditional pantyhose, knee socks and socks.
Products in this line are a combination of user comfort, premium fabrication quality and high availability of colours, which will be a treat for fashion victims.

High-quality women's socks for comfort and convenience. Available in four colors, in two options : smooth and lace.

Microfibre socks.

60 DEN microfiber tights

A year-round line of tights. Available in 21 colour schemes.

40 DEN microfiber tights

MARIE 40 DEN microfiber tights is a classical multi-season pantyhose line, available in 15 unique colours.

Socks 15 DEN

We also offer 15 DEN socks, elastic, one size, two pairs per package.


Non-compression 60 DEN microfibre knee-highs, one size, basic colours.

Knee-highs 15 DEN

High quality pressure-free women's knee socks, single size. Available in 21 colours. 2 pairs per pack.

3D microfiber 120 DEN tights

Opaque, matte microfiber tights without panty, with a cotton piece. Perfect protection from cold. Available in 6 supercool colours.

100 DEN acrylic tights

Warm women's tights, opaque, acrylic, with a flat seam. Soft and pleasant to touch, comfortable to wear. Available in five colours.


Tights 40 DEN

A year-round line of tights. Available in 6 colour schemes
The tights are semi-dull, and feature reinforced panties and gusset.