Privacy Policy

We respect and protect your privacy. That is why we have developed a document that clarifies issues related to the collection and use of the user information.

The information contained in the access logs
Like most companies having their own servers, we collect information on the use of services by the users and their IP addresses based on the enter logs analysis. This information is used for technical purposes connected with the administration of servers, as well as for statistical purposes.

Storing data on servers
The method of storing all data like websites and e-mail accounts entrusted to us on our servers is consistent with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data. These data are protected by various security software.

External links
On our website you can find links referring to our partners’ websites and other services. We assume no responsibility for the contents on these websites and are not responsible for the security of privacy policy applied by the owners of those sites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
The development of Internet technology, changes in data protection legislative process, and the development of our web service can affect the changes in the privacy policy. All our website users shall be promptly informed of any changes thereof.

If you have any questions regarding the above privacy security statement, terms of use of our website or possibility to contact us, please contact us: info


Your web browser stores the text files (called "cookies") on your hard drive. These files contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, particularly those that require authentication.
The content of cookies does not allow the identification of the user, on the basis of their not stored or processed personal data. stores cookies on users' computers in order to maintain the user's session displayed on the site such as to preserve the contents of the basket.

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