About us

Sara is a company which is primarily engaged in designing and producing stocking accessories. Our collections are designed in co-operation with partnering companies and they are based on the latest fashion trends.

We put a lot of effort into the quality of our goods at each stage of the production process and our customers' trust motivates us to never-ending development and offer improvement.

The main goal of our company is to provide our clients with the satisfaction they expect and ensure their comfort and ease. We put much effort into making our products top of the line, so that they meet the highest quality standards. Our offer comprises a vast selection of tights, stockings and knee-length socks with patterns of your choice in all colours.

We mainly operate on the Polish market, but our efforts have also been noticed and greatly appreciated by our clients from abroad. We deeply believe you will find that our offer meets your most exquisite expectations. We welcome your co-operation.

Respectfully yours, „SARA”